Denver City Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriquez recommended for EAC slot

From the Rocky Mountain News. And the Denver Post:

Rodriguez, a former Denver clerk and recorder under Mayor Wellington Webb, refused to comment when asked about a possible nomination. Her aide said he was not authorized to discuss the matter.

As a councilwoman, Rodriguez has kept a close eye on elections in Denver. And she is currently on an investigative panel assembled by the Mayor John Hickenlooper to examine the failures of the Denver Election Commission that led to long lines at the polls on Election Day and a slow vote-tallying process.

It was Rodriguez who in 2005 championed the idea to scrap the Denver’s election commission in favor of a single elected clerk and recorder system that would closer resemble the structure of 62 of the 63 other counties in Colorado.

She also led a charge last spring for an all-mail ballot election this November, worrying at the time that tangle of federal and state laws left Denver and other counties in the state with little time to prepare for the election.