AAAS Election Reform Forum Article

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) held a forum last month on election reform. I was one of the participants and the AAAS has published an article about the forum in Science. I think the quote from Geri Mannion at Carnegie Corporation of New York (which has been a long-time supporter of election reform) summed up the issue the best.

The meeting at AAAS “illustrated you can bring a variety of disciplines together to tackle the continuing problems facing the U.S. election system, especially by teaming with those election administrators from the field willing to explore new and better ways to increase voter confidence in the system,” said Geri Mannion, chair of Carnegie’s Strengthening U.S. Democracy Program. “There are still a lot of challenges, but it’s clear there are solutions, if talent and funding can continue to be invested in ensuring that all American voters have the election system they deserve.”