Voting technology, at six cents a pound

Following on Paul’s recent discovery of lever voting devices for sale on Ebay, a story from Pennsylvania caught my eye today:

A piece of Lackawanna County’s electoral history, however, could cost as little as 6 cents a pound.

That’s how much one company has offered the county to junk its decades-old voting machines, rendered surplus by the switch to touch-screen technology this year.

Weighing in at 800 pounds and up, the metallic monstrosities could render the taxpayers one final service by generating a profit through their demise. With more than 400 of them gathering dust, Lackawanna County could, at that rate, haul in more than $20,000 from their sale, majority Commissioner Robert C. Cordaro said.

“This is, we hope, just the first offer,” Mr. Cordaro said of the salvage bid submitted by DMS Shredding of Wilkes-Barre. There’s no deadline for selling them off.

Some 600 of Luzerne County’s lever machines were junked over the summer, netting about $30,000.