Riverside County report on election 2006 details problems

There’s been some discussion about a report from Riverside County’s (CA) election official, Barbara Dunmore, about some problems observed in that county’s 2006 election, especially delays experienced by election day voters. There was recently a summary story in the Riverside Press-Enterprise regarding this report. However, the report itself hasn’t appeared anywhere where I could find it.

I got wind of the report’s availability in the minutes of a county board meeting, and you can obtain it from the county website here. Given that the county site was really slow, I’ve also put a copy on the Election Updates server, which should provide a quicker download for most readers. The report blames a long and complicated ballot, as well as an unplanned influx of late afternoon and evening voters, for most of the election-day voting delays.

There’s a lot of interesting data in this short report, especially the county’s analysis of where VVPAT’s would likely need to have their paper changes (Appendices A and B), and the final table in the report, which gives some selected comments from what appear to be incident reports. It would be quite interesting to get all of the incident reports from the election officers … that was very useful data to compile and analysis in Cuyahoga County (OH)!