New York election board requests CIBER stop contract work

The following letter was sent yesterday from New York’s State Board of Elections:

As you are aware, on January 4, 2007, the State Board of Elections learned that CIBER, our Independent Testing Authority had applied for and been denied interim accreditation by the EAC. The State Board of Elections made several requests (including two FOIL requests to the EAC) over the last three weeks for documents related to the EAC’s denial of CIBER’s application for certification.

This correspondence is to inform you that today (Thursday, January 25th,) CIBER forwarded relevant documents to the State Board of Elections. While these documents will assist the State Board in its analysis of the issues, this does not resolve the ongoing resistance by the EAC to release relevant documents in their possession, as well. We have every intention to pursue the disclosure of all relevant documents maintained by the EAC.

While we are reviewing the documents and making an assessment of the situation, in order to limit any potential liability, the State Board of Elections has requested that CIBER, and all subcontractors, stop all work on the contract with us pending further notice.

When we have completed our assessment of this situation, we will advise you of the next steps.

Peter S. Kosinski and Stanley L. Zalen
Co-Executive Directors

This follows other criticisms from the folks in New York about the EAC’s unwillingness to provide information about their denial of accrediation to CIBER.

Hopefully this will help pry more information about the EAC’s denial of accrediation to CIBER …