The weekly mailbag

  • The Maryland House has ok’ed a constitutional amendment that would legalize early voting in the state. The Senate has passed a different version, and a final vote comes on Monday.
  • The Elections Director of Duval County, FL, in an open letter published in the Florida Times (Jacksonville), claims that all employees have received signature verification training from “a former FBI handwriting expert” in order to avoid absentee ballot fraud.

    (ED Note: The problem with this, according to previous testimony given by Oregon State Elections Director John Lindback, is that “FBI quality” signature verification can take hours per signature. Better to opt for the new electronic system being tested in King County, WA, and then use individuals for the small number of flagged signatures.)

  • King County, WA has announced a roll out of all by-mail voting in Spring, 2008. To see the county report on voting by mail, follow this link. (The PDF is at the bottom of the page).

  • The Indianopolis Star opines in favor of early voting by mail (no excuse absentee balloting).