Caltech/MIT VTP Vendor Workshop

Last week, the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project hosted a unique workshop, where we brought a small number of academic researchers together with a small group of representatives from the voting technology industry. We have begun to build a website based on the workshop, where we present the workshop agenda and have archived some of the presentations. We’ll add other information to this website as we obtain it, and we are hoping to release a report from this workshop in the near future.

The goals of the workshop were to generate discussion of important research problems (from the perspective of academia and industry) and to work to foster better academic-industry interaction and possible collaborations. I think the workshop was very successful, as we had a fantastic and open discussion of research questions, and since many conversations were initiated between academics and industry representatives. We’ll just have to see where these conversations head in the near future; the VTP will continue to work to help these conversations evolve in a productive manner.