EAC posts RFP on 2006 Election Day Survey

Here’s the link to the information on the RFP, for those interested … (Solicitation Number RFQ-1406-04-07-RQ-67699). Here’s the summary of the project:

3.0 Scope: Survey information is currently being collected; the deadline for states to submit survey information is March 7, 2007. The Contractor shall be responsible for the collection, coding, cleanup, tabulation, analysis of data collected through the 2006 Election Administration and Voting Survey, and for preparing three draft reports based on the survey data. The Contractor shall also be responsible for data entry for those states (approximately 20%) that chose not to submit their data via the EAC’s electronic submission utility.

The EAC anticipates that some of the data submitted by the states will be incomplete or have data quality issues, notwithstanding the preparatory steps the EAC has taken to minimize such issues. The Contractor shall be responsible for identifying and reporting problems with the quality of the data to the EAC and the states, and shall contact the states for clarification of the data provided. The Contractor shall be responsible for all data entry related to entering or verifying missing or incorrect data.

The Contractor shall develop and describe a methodology for analyzing and reporting the survey data. In developing this methodology the Contractor shall reference similar studies and analyses performed in the past. The Contractor shall produce three final draft reports: (1) The Impact of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 on the Administration of Elections for Federal Office, (2) Report on Absentee Ballots Transmitted to and Received from Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Voters 2006, and (3) Election Day Survey Report: November 2006. The Contractor shall also generate a master dataset for the survey and one for each state; and the Contractor shall develop a codebook to accompany the datasets. The EAC envisions that the datasets will complement the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) being developed for the EAC’s website, and will provide a resource for secondary analysis for researchers and users of the data.

The EAC shall be responsible for contacting states that have not submitted data by the due date. The EAC will also give the Contractor (1) administrative rights to its electronic submission utility, and (2) access to the GIS being developed for graphic representation of the survey data. The EAC shall provide the Contractor with the name and contact information for the individual responsible for responding to the survey for each state.