Congratulations, Paul: Beating the Elements in Boston!

Our Election Updates colleague, Paul Gronke, competed in today’s running of the Boston Marathon. According to the results on the Boston Athletic Association’s website, Paul completed the marathon in a time of 3:24:00, finishing 4113 overall, and 1230 in his division. If you want more details, follow this link, and just search by the last name “Gronke.”

There’s a long story behind this, but when Paul and I were both at Duke University (he on the faculty, and I a grad student), I introduced Paul to long-distance running … [an update, a mutual friend and colleague who knew Paul from graduate school told me that Paul ran cross-country before going to grad school, thus discounting whether I actually introduced Paul to long-distance running, or just re-introduced him; seems that we’ll have to hear Paul’s side of the story!].