Complaints aired about Texas voter registration system

This comes from a story in today’s Houston Chronicle, “Voter System Too Flawed, Counties Say.” The story lists the following problems that have been reported so far:

• Registration numbers for voters registered before Jan. 1 were changed and the old numbers erased from the system. This caused confusion this week during early voting in the Clear Lake school district election when the old numbers were not recognized by the computer.
• In Galveston County, TEAM would not allow officials to print new voter registration cards.
• TEAM kicked some voters off the rolls because it did not recognize the city of Galveston’s unique system of using letters of the alphabet and fractions as street addresses.
TEAM replaces Texas Voter Registration System, an older system that many election officials want to return to. The old system included only officials involved in voter registration. TEAM is designed to also include officials who administer the election, who in many counties are different from those who oversee voter registration.