Call for papers: Special issue of American Politics Research

This just out this morning: a call for papers for a special issue of American Politics Research!

Election Reform, Voting Methods, and Technology


American Politics Research invites scholars to submit articles on new developments in voting methods and voting technology. In 2008, APR will publish a special issue dedicated to addressing issues and developments relating to election reform, voting procedures and new voting systems in the United States.

This issue will be concerned with developments, procedures, and consequences of implementing new voter registration systems, voting systems, and voter identification systems. For this issue, the journal invites articles that evaluate new technologies and public policies for voting, vote verification, and auditing systems; early, vote-by-mail, and other alternatives to traditional Election Day voting; as well as,
new developments in voter identification and registration.

Promising paper topics might include:

1) Assessments of new voting systems including optical scan, ballot marking, and electronic voting systems.

2) How early voting and other alternatives to traditional Election Day voting affect voter participation.

3) How changes in voting technology influence trust among historically disenfranchised populations.

4) Empirical analyses of new vote verification and auditing systems.

5) The effect of ballot design and complexity on voting and election results.

6) The impact of new voter identification systems on GOTV activities.

7) The effect of the digital divide on access to new voter registration technologies.

8) Studies of the prevalence or absence of fraudulent registration and voting.

9) Studies of HAVA implementation in states and localities.

10) Studies of invalidated or residual ballots across states and localities.

The deadline for submission of papers is September 7, 2007, although articles will be accepted and reviewed before then on a rolling basis. All papers should be approximately 22-28 pages in length, double-spaced, including a 150 word abstract.

Papers should conform with the APR Guidelines as outlined in the submission instructions for the journal at Questions, as well as electronic submissions should be directed to Jim Gimpel, Editor, at