Special issue of the National Academy of Engineering journal, "The Bridge", on Voting Technologies

Recently Erik Antonsson (Caltech) and I gave a talk at the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) national meetings, a talk which I wrote about earlier on Election Updates. The NAE published a series of essays from the talks on voting technology which were part of the workshop, and those essays are now available from the NAE website.

The essays include:

  1. R. Michael Alvarez and Erik K. Antonsson, “Bridging Science, Technology, and Politics in Election Systems”.
  2. Gracia Hillman, “E-Voting and Democracy in America”.
  3. Lewis M. Branscomb, “Elections and the Future of E-Voting (editorial)”.
  4. Rush Holt, “Legal Issues, Policy Issues, and the Future of Democracy”.
  5. Eugene H. Spafford, “Voter Assurance”.
  6. Michael Ian Shamos, “Voting as an Engineering Problem”.
  7. David Jefferson, “What Happened in Sarasota County?”

It’s an excellent set of folks, and an interesting set of papers to read. While I was at the workshop, as these essays were only recently published, I’ve not had a chance to fully digest them. But they will make for excellent summer reading, and given how interesting all of the workshop presentations were (and the expertise of those involved in the workshop) I can highly recommend this special issue for all interesting in election administration, reform, and voting technologies.