"The Future of Election Reform in the States"

There’s a great issue of the American Political Science Association journal, PS: Political Science and Politics, that is now out. Anyone interested in election reform, voting technology, and election administration should find a copy of the October 2007 issue of PS. In addition to an introduction by Caroline Tolbert, here are the articles in the October 2007 issue of PS:

Reform Studies: Political Science on the Firing Line
Bruce E. Cain

Early Voting and Turnout
Paul Gronke, Eva Galanes-Rosenbaum, and Peter A. Miller

Poll Workers and the Vitality of Democracy: An Early Assessment
Thad Hall, J. Quin Monson, and Kelly D. Patterson

The Effect of Election Administration on Voter Confidence: A Local Matter?
Lonna Rae Atkeson and Kyle L. Saunders

Public Election Funding, Competition, and Candidate Gender
Timothy Werner and Kenneth R. Mayer

Ballot Regulations and Multiparty Politics in the States
Barry C. Burden

Regulating Redistricting
Michael P. McDonald

A Goal for Reform: Make Elections Worth Stealing
Todd Donovan

I’ll scout around and see if these are available online. Hopefully my colleagues Thad and Paul will have some additional comments about their contributions to this issue of PS!