California's Proposition 93: CGS Report Analyzes Pros and Cons of Term Limits in California

A report was released recently by the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) that analyzes the pros and cons of term limits in California. The report, “Termed Out: Reforming California’s Legislative Term Limits” is being released in the context of Proposition 93, a measure on the February 2008 ballot in California, that if passed will alter California’s term limits law (originally adopted by California voters in 1990).

The report provides ammunition for both sides of the term limits debate, and no doubt, this report will be cited by both those supporting passage of Prop 93, as well as those opposed to it. Among the benefits of the current term limits law in California discussed in the report are an increase in the frequency of open seats, and improvements in the representation of Latinos and Asian/Pacific Islanders in the state legislature. And among the possible negative impacts of California’s current term limit law discussed in the report are a reduction in the overall levels of experience of members in both the state Assembly and Senate.

It’s going to be interesting watching how the debate about Prop 93 shapes up in the coming months!