Russian Election — Oddities, Anomalies, or Just Plain Strange Things?

My colleague, Peter Ordeshook, forwarded me this morning to some election results, posted by what I believe is “The election Commission of the Karacaevo- Circassian Republic.” I say “I believe” — which I will say throughout this post, because I’m translating material from the website into English using AltaVista’s “Babel Fish Translation” website.

The website that Peter directed me to is here, though I do have a pdf screenshot of the page from about 1pm Pacific just in case the original page changes.

What is interesting to note here is, based on my ability to translate this page:

  • Line 1 gives the number of voters in this district, by what I believe are voting or polling stations (the columns).
  • Line 2 gives the number of ballots received (and line 4 the number given out to voters).
  • Line 10 gives the number of votes going to the United Russia” party.

It does not take an advanced degree in math to see the odd result here: the number of voters in this jurisdiction (and in each polling place or station) is equal to the number of ballots received, and all of the ballots received were cast for United Russia. That’s 100% turnout, with 100% of ballots cast for United Russia.

Of course, if readers have better or different translations of the entries in this set of election results, or if readers have other examples of these oddities, please let me know.