Looking for that last minute holiday gift for that election geek on your list?

At about this time in the past, we’ve put up some ideas for holiday presents for those election geeks on your shopping list. This year I’ve found a few interesting holiday gifts, ones that I know Thad and Paul would both love to get this year.

First, for those election geeks on your shopping list who don’t have a Votomatic vote recorder with the Palm Beach butterfly ballot, here is a unique gift: for just $219.95, you can get one with an autographed letter from Dennis Kucinich!.

Or, what about a FRAMED Honorary Degree from “America’s most selective institution” — the Electoral College. All you have to do is pay $34.95, and provide the name and academic field of the your favorite election geek!

And for that election geek who loves a good board game, check out “Quo Vadis”! How can you not want to play this board game, given this exciting description: “Each player starts at the bottom of the political ladder, and tries to move up the board through the committees to reach the Senate. In true Roman fashion, the road to power is strewn with laurels; to win the player must reach the Senate and collect deals and promises, not all of which they have to keep. Players can also use Caesar’s favor to advance. But there is only room for five senators at the top….”

If that election geek on your list likes movies, especially foreign films with subtitles, take a look at the 2001 Iranian film, “Secret Ballot” (here is a link to it on amazon.com). This is a serious recommendation, I have actually shown this film to undergraduate students who enjoy it!

Finally, there’s the classic, “Point, Click and Vote.” Buy them while you can, especially before the major motion picture is released.

Happy Holidays!