Georgian Elections and What is Fraud

Here is a great story about what is considered fraud in other countries that we do not consider here.

Georgia goes to the polling booths Saturday to elect the President amidst fears from the opposition that the authorities have planned to rig the vote.

Levan Gachechiladze, the presidential candidate representing nine opposition groups fighting President Mikhail Saakashvili, alleged that “What is currently happening in Georgia is not a free election. We cannot use media outlets or promotional means,” Gachechiladze said in a statement broadcast on Georgian television. “A smear campaign is being staged against the opposition in the media,” he added. Although the authorities insisted that the election process would be free and fair, Gachechiladze has alerted his supporters to be vigilant at polling stations.

It is access to media, the ability to campaign freely, or the ability to field the opposition candidates of choice that are considered election fraud elsewhere. Affecting the election on the front end betters the prospects of not having to do the polling place shenanigans that are also of concern.