Problems in Ohio

So there is an AP story where this is the lead:

Save for bad weather and scattered precincts that ran out of ballots, voting appeared to run smoothly Tuesday in four state primaries that drew record voter turnout.

Since when is running out of ballots something that you lump in with bad weather? Isn’t running out of ballots in an election criminal? Especially if everyone already has done that on Super Tuesday?

So I know you are wondering, how many people were affected? One? Two? Oh not even close.

Northern Sandusky County also stayed open to allow voters more time to get to the polls under freezing rain. Election workers had to turn away 300 to 400 people, after precincts handed out every ballot available. And a reprinting glitch delayed delivery of new ballots.

300 to 400 people turned away because of a voting technology failure. Amazing.