More on the FL Do-Over

This from Rick Hasen’s blog:

Florida’s Mail-In Primary Plan Opens RiftsThe Florida Democratic Party “is pushing forward with a plan for recontesting its primary, largely with mail-in ballots, despite vigorous opposition from Democrats in the state’s congressional delegation as well as concerns from the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama,” according to the Washington Post.CQ Politics has obtained a draft version of the plan.”The idea is to combine a vote-by-mail process with in-person voting centers around the state to accommodate anyone who needs assistance. A slew of details are still unresolved, including how to pay the $10 million price tag and exactly how to work with state officials to verify voter signatures on mailed ballots.”

I really like this option. This is exactly what Colorado is going to do for 2008. It addresses the concerns of those who want a chance to mobilize on election day; it avoids disenfranchisement of mobile voters or voters with bad addresses on the polls (a concern expressed by Michael McDonald); and it deals with those who believe voting by mail discriminates against minorities (even though we have no evidence of this, and some contrary evidence).