More early exit poll results: "Clinton leads on economy among Indiana voters …"

This is from Bloomberg:

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads among Indiana Democrats who say they are being affected by a U.S. economic slowdown, according to exit polls for television networks and the Associated Press.

Barack Obama leads in North Carolina among those voters most concerned about the economy, the exits polls show.

Almost two-thirds of Democratic voters in Indiana, or 65 percent, and 60 percent in North Carolina said the economy is the top issue facing the country. That’s the highest number in 28 prior exit polls in states with competitive Democratic primaries, according to AP.

Of Indiana voters who say a sluggish economy is the country’s most pressing issue, 54 percent said they voted for Clinton, while 45 percent supported Illinois Senator Obama.

In North Carolina, among voters who said a slowing economy was their biggest concern, Obama got 52 percent while Clinton received 44 percent, according to exit polls cited by CNN.

Indiana voters were split over Obama’s pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose statements critical of the U.S. have caused a national controversy and brought the issue of race into the forefront of the election.

Forty-nine percent of Indianans said Wright was not an important factor in their voting decision while 48 percent said he did sway their opinion of Obama.

In North Carolina, 50 percent said Wright wasn’t important and 48 percent said he was, according to the exit polls.

Obama got 92 percent of the black vote in Indiana and Clinton got 8 percent, according to exit polls cited by CNN.

Obama also dominated among black voters in North Carolina, where he won 91 percent compared with Clinton’s 6 percent, CNN said.