Nuns and students have trouble with Indiana voter identification law

I wrote yesterday about the report of the Indiana nuns who had trouble voting yesterday in Indiana’s primary. That story received a lot of play yesterday, but some of the stories also noted that college students in Indiana were having trouble with the voter identification law. Here’s a piece from the Los Angeles Times:

The law does not recognize out-of-state driver’s licenses, a problem for college students who under Indiana law must intend to live in their college communities to vote, which involves obtaining an Indiana ID.

Angela Hiss, 19, of suburban Chicago, said she was allowed to register to vote several weeks ago but was turned away Tuesday from a polling site in South Bend, where she attends Notre Dame. Hiss said officials at a local motor vehicles office then would not accept her Illinois license as proof of identification for an Indiana license.

And Hiss didn’t have her birth certificate — she had sent it to the federal Passport Service offices recently along with her application for a passport.

Hiss declined to cast a provisional ballot because she’s leaving for Illinois after finals on Friday.

Unfortunately it is impossible to know how many other college students had similar experiences.