Voting Information project launched

From Doug Chapin at

Fellow Election Geeks!

I’m writing to share the news about the Voting Information Project, an exciting new joint endeavor of Google, the JEHT Foundation, and Pew’s Make Voting Work.

The Voting Information Project was born of the recognition that increasingly American voters are clamoring for easy access to answers to three basic questions: “where do I vote?”, “what’s on the ballot?” and “how and where do I find out if I’m registered to vote?”

This information has always been kept in election offices at the state and local level – but it isn’t always easily available in the places where voters are accustomed to looking. The Voting Information Project seeks to address this need by helping state and local election officials make their official voting information available directly to voters using a common, open, non-proprietary data format that anyone can use to share and access information about voting.

This week marks the launch of a new website,, where you can learn more about the Voting Information Project.

We’re excited about the possibilities involved with this project and look forward to sharing more with you as the project evolves. Let me know if you have any questions.