Special issue of American Politics Research on voting technology and election administration research

American Politics Research is now publishing a special issue on election administration and voting technology research, co-edited by Richard Niemi and I. Here’s a link to the electronic version of the special issue.

The papers in the special issue include:

  • David C. Kimball and Martha Kropf, “Voting Technology, Ballot Measures, and Residual Votes.”
  • Alicia Kolar Prevost and Brian F. Schaffner, “Digital Divide or Just Another Absentee Ballot?: Evaluating Internet
    Voting in the 2004 Michigan Democratic Primary.”
  • Francis Neely and Corey Cook, “Whose Votes Count?: Undervotes, Overvotes, and Ranking in San Francisco’s Instant-Runoff Elections.”
  • M.V. Hood, III and Charles S. Bullock, III, “Worth A Thousand Words? An Analysis of Georgia’s Voter Identification Statute.”
  • Paul S. Herrnson, et al., “Voters’ Evaluations of Electronic Voting Systems: Results From a Usability Field Study.”
  • Ryan L. Claasen, et al., ” `At Your Service’: Voter Evaluations of Poll Worker Performance.”