Dean Logan gets the job in LA County

Dean Logan will be able to take “Interim” out of his title, according to newspaper reports this morning. Dean’s been “Interim Registrar/Recorder” in LA County since Conny McCormack retired, and during that time Dean weathered the “double-bubble” controversy which I wrote about in early February. While there has been some criticism about Dean’s appointment (see the newspaper story above), I’d say this is a good appointment; Dean has been working to build from the strong foundation that Conny McCormack established in LA County. Dean has built a strong management team in LA County (a transition that started while Conny was moving towards retirement), and all of my own dealings with Dean and this new management team have been positive. At this point, it looks to me as if the LA County Registrar/Recorder’s office is moving to develop more openness and transparency in their election administration operations, and they are committed to furthering their engagement of the advocacy and research communities in improving how elections are run in LA County. I’m looking forward to working with them.