Officials Investigate 3 Alabama Counties in Voter Fraud Accusations

There are allegations that voters in some Alabama counties were paid for their votes and that voters may have voted absentee to facilitate fraud. Here is one interesting part of the story:

“The Republican Party has an unscripted mandate to target Democratic counties, and African-Americans particularly,” said Albert Turner Jr., a county commissioner here. Mr. Turner’s father, a local civil rights hero, was tried and acquitted on vote fraud charges 23 years ago. The younger Mr. Turner was photographed talking to voters in a polling place in the National Guard Armory throughout the day on June 3, when he was a candidate for re-election.

Although state law prohibits candidates from being within 30 feet of a polling place, Mr. Turner said another law allowed voters to choose someone to assist them in voting. He said he had helped as many as 60 people on primary day, when he was easily re-elected for a second term.