Woman had dual-entries in voter registry in San Diego

There was this interesting little piece on the San Diego Union Tribune site, “Chula Vista woman’s doubled-up voter registration gets straightened out.” Apparently this woman somehow got her name entered into the voter registry twice, until local election officials straightened it out:

Lusk, who lives in Chula Vista, has been listed on voting rolls twice, once – correctly – as a Democrat and once as a nonpartisan. She receives two sample ballots, and her name appears twice on her polling place roster. She said she talked to the county Registrar of Voters’ office and poll workers, but got nowhere.

Her real registration includes her middle initial and birth date. The incorrect one does not have her middle initial, and her birth date is wrong.

Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler quickly fixed the problem last week. Seiler said it appears a petition circulator turned in a second registration in Lusk’s name in 2006. There were enough differences between the two registrations that the registrar’s staff thought it was legitimate.

This story also helps underscore an important point. It doesn’t hurt for voters to check into their registration status, especially if they have recently changed their address, name, or registered party affiliation. Just get in touch with your local election official; contact information for local election officials can typically be found at the website of the state election office (which in many states is the Secretary of State).