G. Katz et al. paper on Buenos Aires evoting pilot project wins EVOTE08 best paper prize

{Note from Thad:  I noticed that Mike had not posted this and as I was about to write about this, I thought I would just post Mike’s post, which was written last week before he went on a well-deserved vacation in South America}.

While the Internet connection to the Austrian castle where the EVOTE08 conference was being held seemed to have not worked yesterday [Friday August 8], I did talk with Thad and Gabriel Katz, and learned that the paper that Gabriel presented at the conference, “Assessing the impact of voting technologies on multi-party electoral outcomes: the case of Buenos Aires’ 2005 Congressional Election”won the conference’s best paper prize! This paper was written by Gabriel Katz, R. Michael Alvarez, Ernesto Calvo, Marcelo Escolar, and Julia Pomares.