Off to APSA!

Thad is already in Boston, I believe Paul is there as well — and I’m on my way from South America to Boston — all for APSA!

There look to be a number of panels of interest to people who follow election administration and voting technology research, and I suspect that the three of us will write more about what we here at the conference.

I’ve not had much chance to look at the program, but here are two panels tomorrow that I do know about:

  1. Methodological Innovations in the Study of Elections and Voting Behavior (Friday 10:15am): includes the paper that Hopkins, Sinclair and I did on partisan voter mobilization campaigns, as well as a number of other interesting papers.
  2. ID Requirements and Voter Turnout (Friday 2pm): this includes research by Stephen Ansolabehere; work that Katz, Bailey and I have done; a paper by Barreto, Nuno and Sanchez; and two others (new research by David Anderson and Marjorie Hershey).

In addition there was a panel this morning, “New Issues in the Study of Election Reform: Audits, Administration and Attitudes.” This included work by Charles Stewart (on new efforts by a research group he is heading to use survey techniques to evaluate election administration performance); Mebane and Traugott on election audits; Kimball and Kropf on advance voting; a paper by Lonna Atkeson on election audits; and a quite intriguing paper by Hall and Alvarez, titled “Holistic Evaluations of Voter Confidence.” We’ll have to let Thad explain the latter title.