It is Easy to Count Paper….Really? Or Is it Complexity?

Ok this Palm Beach story CANNOT BE BEAT!  And note, the winner in a race switched!  From the Palm Beach Post, where evidently, they didn’t get the memo that paper is easy, not complex…..How do you “find” 2700 ballots but really only find 957?  How many ballots were cast?  Where are these ballots?  Alien Abduction?  For Sale on E-Bay?

Just when Palm Beach County election officials thought they had solved the mystery of the missing ballots it blew up in their faces again.  A welcome report that 2,700 of the 3,478 missing ballots had been found on Thursday was replaced with the grim news that workers had recovered only 957 ballots.

While officials were to dispatch “an armada” of county workers Thursday to scour roughly 780 polling places for the ballots that appear to have disappeared between last week’s primary election and a weekend recount, few said they expect any will be found.

Instead, most agree there is only one way the counting and recounting will end: in court.  “Even if they found the additional ballots it would be suspect where they came from,” said attorney Peter Sosin, who is representing judicial candidate William Abramson in what promises to be a legal battle with his opponent Circuit Court Judge Richard Wennet. Two candidates in a state House race attended a meeting of the county canvassing board and questioned the validity of the entire election. They indicated they may join Abramson and Wennet in court.

After the Aug. 26 primary, elections officials said 102,523 people voted. The recount, however, turned up only 99,045 ballots. Leading by 17 votes going into the recount, Abramson ended up losing by 60 votes.