More than 350,000 have already voted in North Carolina

This is from MSNBC: “Tar Heel early voting going Carolina Blue?”

From the story, note the update info at the bottom:

As of this morning, over 340,000 North Carolinians have cast general election ballots, with the vast majority taking advantage of the state’s early in-person absentee voting, dubbed “One Stop” by Tar Heels.

Of 270,000 in-person voters since “One Stop” opened last Thursday, over 60% were registered Democrats, compared to only 20% Republicans. (The remainder: mostly unaffiliated voters, who make up about 20% of the state’s electorate.)

Of the 66,000 civilians who have mailed in absentee ballots, Republicans have outnumbered Democrats by a margin of about 2-1.

Still, registered Democrats make up 55% of those who have already cast votes for the North Carolina general election, while registered Republicans account for less than one in three ballots already cast.

*** UPDATE *** As of 4:30pm today, the number of in-person early voters jumped to 358,000, per an update from state elections director Gary Bartlett. That means that close to ninety thousand North Carolinians cast ballots today.

What I don’t get is how do we know that the early vote is going Carolina Blue, and not Duke Blue?