Elections in the News

Be Prepared for Legal Battles

Across the country, attorneys are gearing up for elections.  Florida reports the descent of federal attorneys from the Department of Justice, who are part of a team of 800 who will be monitoring election nationwide.  Georgia reports hundreds of lawyers on watch for the state and federal government, voting rights groups, other special interest groups, and representatives of both parties.  In recent days, they have been undergoing training to know what to look for on election day.  As a result, “just about every poll worker in the state will be under legal teams’ vigilant eye.”  In Missouri, which is expected to be one of the closest races, over 1000 lawyers will be watching the polls, all having undergone election training.  They are hoping to avoid major legal battles, but are on the lookout for issues such as electioneering, insufficient number of ballots and voters being dropped from registration rolls-trying to help people avoid provisional ballots which are often disqualified.  Hopefully, legal issues will be avoided by good election administration, as Thad posted earlier in the week.

Inés and Janell