Final thoughts on election eve

My prediction: tomorrow is going to be an interesting, and long day!

From my perspective here in New Mexico, there is great interest and excitement about the election. Thad and I came in on Saturday, and did precinct judge training on Saturday, and then watched the flood of early voters at one site in Albuquerque. Today we studied the absentee ballot receipt, resolution and tabulation process in Santa Fe and Bernalillo Counties. It was interesting to study these two different counties, and to compare them to Thurston and Pierce Counties in Washington, as we were just up there recently to study the exact same process in those two counties. More on that study later.

Tomorrow I’ll be in precincts in the Albuquerque area; in addition to a couple of teams of observers here in Bernalillo County, our project (PI’ed by Lonna Atkeson of the University of New Mexico, with the assistance of Thad and I) will have teams of observers in Dona Ana, Santa Fe and San Juan Counties. Tomorrow will be an interesting day for those involved in our project, as we expect to see a lot of voters turning out tomorrow. We’ll be collecting a lot of great data tomorrow!