Elections in the News

On the radio

In recent days there have been countless radio shows covering the gamut of election issues.  So, for those of you who want to double your news intake, you can listen while you read your morning news. Here are just a few of today’s stories featuring elections…

All Things Considered discusses the possibility of some voter intimidation, while acknowledging that election day should still go well.  In another short piece, they talk about “democracy’s unsung heroes”-the poll workers. According to Tell Me More Voting Rights groups say some states may not be ready for election day.  And Morning Edition reports that early voting has been well received. NPR’s News & Notes asks how to tell the difference between voter suppression and regular old disorganization at the polls. KCRW’s To The Point looks at early voting and the already mounting claims of fraud and disenfranchisement. Diane Rehm tells us what to watch for tomorrow as part of her countdown to election. And don’t forget to check out this great piece on RadioWest that covers early voting, internet voting, voting technology, and other key issues in the present and future of elections.

Inés and Janell