Elections in the News

More minor problems…

  • Florida (Miami): Smooth voting, despite long lines.  Only a few glitches have been reported, including a power outage which did not delay voting thanks to backup generators.  A few polls opened late due to a pastor not waking up to unlock the building, another building having the locks changed, and one poll worker opening an hour late at 8 am so he could fill out some paperwork.
  • Indiana (Anderson): A few polls opening late due to “human mistakes” caused by poll workers not following proper procedure to get polls open.
  • Michigan (Detroit): One polling place gave out tickets to hold voters place in a two hour line.  One man felt disenfranchised after being denied the right to vote-he was a first-time voter and they did not have his registration.
  • Ohio (Zanesville): No problems outside of a few paper jams.
  • Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh): A man was denied the right to vote.  He was told his registration wasn’t received before October 6th deadline, but he claims to have registered in person in August.  Today he hopes to go before a judge to ask s/he if he can vote. Lawyers are on standby at and near polling places so that voters can go to court IMMEDIATELY if poll watchers report problems.
  • Virginia (Richmond): Non-profit groups are claiming problems, while election administrators feel they are overstated.  Only one machine would not start because it couldn’t pick up the wireless signal. It was soon started manually, however.  Voters at one precinct are offended by lack of privacy-having to stand in line with paper ballots without any cover.  A small number of voting machines having problems have been able to be replaced by spares kept on hand.

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