Slow count in Oregon

As I warned here yesterday, the high number of last minute ballots, plus an unexpected counting glitch in Lane County (I’m trying to track down more information) has led to a slow count in Oregon.

Only 33% of ballots have been counted in Lane (Eugene) and 45% in Multnomah (Portland).  These counties are likely to give the edge to challenger Jeff Merkeley (D) over incumbent Gordon Smith (R).  But the slow count is not making the state look good.

UPDATE: Oregon cumulative ballot returns are here. 36% of the ballots in the last two days.  This is a really high number. I’m going to try to see when if ever that many ballots came back in the last two days.

UPDATE 5 PM WEDNESDAY: Multnomah County is about about 60% done (220,000 of 360,000 ballots). If the numbers hold, Merkley still will squeak it out.  Refresh the page regularly, it is updated every hour or so.

The Lane County glitch is documented here.