Last minute holiday gift tips for election geeks on your list

Now here is a deal for that election geek on your list. If you click around enough on, on these three book titles, “Voting Technology”, “Electronic Elections”, and “Election Fraud”, you’ll eventually get a “Price for All Three” of $76.85. That’s an awesome deal; a great holiday present for that election geek on your list, or you could buy them and split the gift three ways!

If your election geek is a fan of serious fiction, then you might consider “Seeing” by Jose Saramago; Saramago won the Nobel Prize, and most people in the know have read “Blindness.” But your election geek might like “Seeing”, because the plot revolves around an election in which most of the ballots cast were blank … An interesting read (but make sure that your election geek starts with “Blindness”). Get it from amazon, or your local bookstore!

Here’s an ES&S Optech Eagle for sale on ebay ($224.23). Pretty cool election geek present, though it would probably crowd out the other presents under the tree.

Happy holidays!