Alternative voting news of the week

Roll Call has a story by Jessica Leval urging changes in the way military absentee ballots are handled.  (Thanks to AEI for the link to Roll Call, which is typically by subscription.)  The most interesting suggestion is to make voter registration changes part of the “PCS” (permanent change of status) checklist for uniformed personnel.

This is a great idea, similar to the suggestion to have voter registration forms as part of the naturalization process.  Why NOT do this??

The Virginia House of Delegates and Senate are set for a confrontation over alternative voting.  The House of Delegates has passed a bill legalizing both in-person and no-excuse absentee voting, while the Senate has only approved no-excuse voting.  Stories in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Bluefield telegraph, and a Times-Dispatch editorial.

Tippecanoe County Clerk Linda Phillips said Tuesday that it would be difficult to return to voting at precincts after using vote centers, according to the Lafayette Courier Journal.