Society for Political Methodology conference — lots for election geeks!

The Society for Political Methodology is holding it’s annual summer meeting next week at Yale University. Here is the complete program. Some highlights for election geeks include:

  • Philip Stark’s paper, “Election auditing: How much is enough?”
  • Kevin Arceneaux, Thad Kousser and Megan Mullin, “Do vote-by-mail elections work? A randomized field experiment estimating the causal effect of mobilization in traditional and vote-by-mail precincts.”
  • Yusaku Horiuchi and Kentaro Fukumoto, “Mobilization and participation: A natural experiment.”
  • Betsy Sinclair and Michael Alvarez, “Matching and experiments: causal inferences without full randomization.”

There will also be faculty and graduate student poster sessions, many of those posters will also be of interest to election geeks!