Hall and Kousser on internet voting in the London Free Press

This story came across the transom, about the potential impact of internet voting on turnout.

I found this quote by Thad Kousser particularly interesting: “There’s no reason not to expect (mail-in voting) will lead to higher turnout,” said Thad Kousser, a visiting professor at Stanford University whose research was published in Political Analysis.

Michael Hanmer, in his newly released book on Cambridge, makes a different argument: turnout is a relatively marginal act, and none of the relatively minor reforms on the table, including internet voting and voting by mail, are likely to increase turnout very much.

I agree with Michael, as I suspect Thad K. does, but his quote seems a bit misleading. Maybe this is just about the message you send to a reporter.

I think Thad Hall gets it right:

“Don’t expect new people flooding into the system,” Hall said.  It appears Internet voting was mostly used as a convenience by people who would have gone to traditional polls.