Midwest Political Science Association next week … lots of elections research!

The Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) annual meetings are next week, and the preliminary program lists a number of panels and presentations that should be of interest:

  • Panel 24-2 The Administration of Elections (Thursday 12:45)
  • Panel 24-17 The Roll of Poll Workers in Elections (Friday 8:30)
  • Panel 50-23 Political Oversight of Bureaucracy (Friday 10:25); Thad Hall and Daniel Levin are presenting a paper, “Choosing Laws, Choosing Rules: The Choice Between Statutory and Administrative Methods in the Reform of Election Administration.”
  • Poster Session 57-207; “Forensic Analysis of Election Returns from Recent Mexican State Elections” (this paper is from Veronica Anderson, an undergraduate student at Caltech).
  • Panel 36-10 Methods for Survey Design and Analysis (Saturday 8:30); Morgan Llewellyn, Thad Hall, Andrew Sinclair and I are going to present some preliminary results regarding the misreporting of voter participation in telephone surveys.

And on Saturday, Demos is hosting a workshop on election reform issues.

I’m sure there are other panels and papers of interest, these are just those that I highlighted on my quick first scan of the preliminary program.