Elections in the News

In Boulder City, Nevada, a voter complained about electronic voting irregularities, claiming that the name of one of the candidates had been pre-selected. However, Larry Lomax, Clark County Registrar of Voters said that the problem “was never brought to the attention of the workers or poll watchers.” Additionally, “Lomax noted that the machines can be quite sensitive, causing voters to accidentally mark the wrong candidate, but that the machines provide ample opportunity for changing to the desired choice.”

Some days ago, there were reports of electronic voting machines flipping votes in North Carolina, as well as of voter intimidation in Harris County, Texas.

An ABC News story reports on the Boulder City incident as well as other “complaints about voter fraud, intimidation and dirty tricks,” including the suspension of the Daytona Beach city commissioner on allegations of absentee-voter fraud that Mike posted about last Monday. The Greeley Gazette has another story about absentee-voting irregularities.

There are also stories about court rulings ahead of Election Day. The Minnesota Independent reports that a judged refused “to issue a restraining order allowing tea partiers and vote-fraud monitors to wear ‘Please ID Me’ buttons and t-shirts with tea party slogans in polling places on Tuesday.”