Election Administration / Reform Panels at APSA (Seattle)

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29-5 Electoral Reform and Voter Turnout in the American States

What Happens at the Polling Place
Barry C. Burden
University of Wisconsin, Madison, bcburden@wisc.edu
David T. Canon
University of Wisconsin, Madison, dcanon@polisci.wisc.edu
Donald P. Moynihan
University of Wisconsin, Madison, dmoynihan@lafollette.wisc.edu
Kenneth R. Mayer
University of Wisconsin, Madison, kmayer@polisci.wisc.edu
Jacob R. Neiheisel
University of Wisconsin, Madison, neiheisel@wisc.edu

Who Makes Voting Easier?: Understanding the Adoption of Election Reform in the American States
Daniel Biggers
University of Maryland, dbiggers@gvpt.umd.edu
Michael J. Hanmer
University of Maryland, mhanmer@umd.edu

Early Voting and Turnout: A County-Level Analysis
Elliott B. Fullmer
Georgetown University, elliott.fullmer@gmail.com

When No One Can Knock on Your Door: Getting Out The Vote to Overseas Americans
Michael J. Hanmer
University of Maryland, mhanmer@umd.edu
Claire M. Smith
Overseas Vote Foundation, claire@overseasvotefoundation.org
Paul S. Herrnson
University of Maryland, herrnson@umd.edu

State and Party Rules and Voter Turnout in Presidential Nomination Contests [Download Paper]
Caitlin Elizabeth Dwyer
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, dwyer077@umn.edu

29-6 Theme Panel: Majoritarian Institutions and Minority Rights: Direct Democracy in the American States

State Constitutions And Entrenched Fundamental Rights: Proposition 8, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Basic Structure Doctrine [Download Paper]
Manoj Mate
Whittier Law School, manojmate@gmail.com

Citizens, Legislators and the Bully Ballot Box: Is the Citizen-Initiative Any Worse for Minority Rights than the Legislative-Referral? [Download Paper]
Tom Lubbock
University of Oxford, tom.lubbock@politics.ox.ac.uk

Changing Policy Designs for “Deviants”: Felon Enfranchisement in Rhode Island [Download Paper]
Michael Leo Owens
Emory University, michael.leo.owens@emory.edu
Marion Orr
Brown University, marion_orr@brown.edu

Facilitator or Barrier? State Policies on Bilingual Ballots and Their Impact on Participation [Download Paper]
Shauna Reilly
Northern Kentucky University, reillys3@nku.edu