New (?) newsletter from Network of Democracy Research Institutes

I received a newsletter today that I’ll continue to subscribe to, even though it came to me unsolicited. I’ve never heard of NDRI (Network of Democracy Research Institutes)–and I’d be fascinated to know through which of my professional engagements they found me–but I suspect many of our readers here may also wish to subscribe.

NDRI is a Washington-based “association of organizations that conduct research on democracy, democratization, and related topics in comparative government and international affairs. Included in the Network are independent institutions, university-based study centers, and research programs affiliated with political parties, labor unions, and democracy and human rights movements, and other organizations.” The funding isn’t clear and the “about us” page is frustratingly short. Isn’t it clear that when I get an unsolicited email, I do a little Internet research!

However, the newsletter itself is packed full of useful links, stories, and information. You can see the most recent edition of the newsletter here: The newsletter starts with funding and job opportunities, and them digests recent reports and publications by NDRI member institutions (which constitute a wide swath of NGOs and academic institutes).

I recommend taking a look if you are interested in international democratization efforts or have a regional specialty (the newsletter is organized by region).

UPDATE: I figured it out! The email has a “constant contact” attachment. This is one of those companies I heard about while recently laid up with a back injury. I guess someone somewhere has my Reed email on a democratization list.