New edition of California Journal of Politics and Policy, articles on election reform

I just got sent the new edition of the California Journal of Politics and Policy, and there are a number of excellent papers related to election reform.  The articles all seem to be freely distributable as PDFs at this point.  All articles are linked below.

Introduction–Dedication to Tim Hodson

Reforming California: Political Patchwork versus a Constitutional Convention
Di Sarro, Brian; Hussey, Wesley; Lascher, Edward L.

Redistricting California: An Evaluation of the Citizens Commission Final Plans
Kogan, Vladimir; McGhee, Eric

The Top Two Primary: What Can California Learn from Washington?
Donovan, Todd

Power to the People: Checking Special Interests in California
Gordon Fisher, Stacy B.; Nalder, Kimberly L.; Lesenyie, Matthew

The Limits of Citizen Support for Direct Democracy
Dyck, Joshua J.; Baldassare, Mark

Administering Democracy: Public Opinion on Election Reform in California
Bergman, Elizabeth