FL Early Voting Update for 10/30

Here is the latest on Florida early voting, as of 9:30am on Tuesday, Oct. 30.  The statistics reflect close of voting yesterday.  For some reason, three counties have yet to provide an updated file:  Duval, Glades, and Union.  Duval is a significant omission, since the county’s web site reports over 20k early voters yesterday.  (There is no partisan breakdown of the vote, however.)

It continues to look like efforts to reduce the number of people voting early in-person has been a success.  With five more days of early voting left, just over 801k have voted by this mode.  In 2008, the cumulative number was 1.4m.  To match the 2008 numbers, the number of early voters will have to average 386k per day.  The record one-day early voting turnout is 295,405, set on the first day of early voting this year.

The updated spreadsheet can be found here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nz7v0u1bitp3cx/fl_early_voting_comparison_20121030.xlsx