“Voting Made Safe And Easy” in PSRM

In the first issue of the new journal, Political Science Research and Methods, Ines Levin, Julia Pomares, Marcelo Leiras and I published a paper detailing some of the results from our research on electronic voting in Salta, Argentina. The paper is available for free downloading at the PSRM website.

Here’s the abstract:

Voting technologies frame the voting experience. Different ways of presenting information to voters, registering voter choices and counting ballots may change the voting experience and cause individuals to re-evaluate the legitimacy of the electoral process. Yet few field experiments have evaluated how voting technologies affect the voting experience. This article uses unique data from a recent e-voting field experiment in Salta, Argentina to study these questions. It employs propensity-score matching methods to measure the causal effect of replacing traditional voting technology with e-voting on the voting experience. The study’s main finding is that while e-voters perceive the new technology as easier to use and more likely to register votes as intended—and support replacing traditional voting technologies with e-voting—the new technologies also raise some concerns about ballot secrecy.