New issue of ELJ — HAVA @ 10

The latest issue of the Election Law Journal is out, with a focus on evaluation of the Help America Vote Act. Some interesting work is reported in this issue, looking at the impact of HAVA by folks like David Kimball and Brady Baybeck (“Are All Jurisdictions Equal?”), Scott Adler and Thad Hall (“Ballots, Transparency, and Democracy”), Michael Miller (“Do Audible Alerts Reduce Undervotes?”), and Martha Kropf (“North Carolina Election Reform Ten Years After the Help America Vote Act.”).

This issue of ELJ also helps make another important point about what has happened in the past ten years since the passage of HAVA. There has been an explosion of research on voting technology and election administration; the articles in this issue of ELJ help demonstrate that. It’s really exciting to see so much good research now being done in this field, by research teams throughout the nation. That’s another really important outcome of HAVA, we now have so much more research that we can draw today than was the case in the immediate aftermath of the disputed 2000 presidential election.