VTP resources relevant to the PCEA report

With the release of the final report of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration, readers may be interested in a set of resources that were produced in response to the commission’s charge.  All of these are mentioned somewhere in the commission’s report (and appendix) and on its web site, but here is a convenient listing.  More information about each of them will be forthcoming over the next 24 hours.

Survey of Local Election Officials:  Results of a nationwide survey of all local election officials (response rate around 50%) about their work and the challenges they face.  (Please note that the data file still needs a little more cleaning, but should be of interest for those interested in exploring these topics from the perspective of local officials.)

Election Toolkit:  The beginning of a collection of computer tools that can be used to help manage various aspect of elections. (We encourage further contributions.)

White papers on election administration:  Papers written by a collection of top social scientists in the election administration field about aspects of the commission’s charge.  (These are VTP working papers 111-119.)

I am in the middle of end-of-semester grades meetings at MIT today, which is preventing me from blogging more about these resources and issues raised by the commission report.  So, stay tuned!