APSA Panel Update

For those attending the upcoming APSA conference, there is a second interesting panel, scheduled for 8AM Thursday, in the Marriott conference hotel. This second election reform panel is titled “Rising to the Challenge of Election Reform, Research Priorities for the Social Sciences: Findings of the Social Science Research Council Commission.” The panel is co-chaired by Ben Highton (UC-Davis) and Jeff Manza (Northwestern University). Participants include Walter Mebane (Cornell University), Martha Kropf (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Jane Junn (Rutgers University), Richard Pildes (New York University) and Michael Traugott (University of Michigan). We assume that this panel will discuss the work of the SSRC’s “National Research Commission on Elections and Voting”. This commission’s final report was issued on March 1, 2005, “Challenges Facing the American Electoral System: Research Priorities for the Social Sciences.”