Intimidation in Vernon

The strange stories surrounding the recent Vernon election continue. This story, out this morning, is about alleged intimidation of candidates running in the Vernon election, and their advisors.

What is particularily distressing here is that the Vernon problems are getting close to home — the trail of intimidation is now reaching to South Pasadena, a nice and quiet town just south of Pasadena:

The woman drove out of her driveway in South Pasadena, and without knowing it, straight into Vernon’s election-related surveillance of people.

The two cars with tinted windows and no license plates followed her as she weaved along streets and zipped through yellow lights to shake them. At stops, men in the cars videotaped her, she said. Panicked, she called police as she drove.


The Feb. 13 incident marks another twist in the increasingly bizarre municipal elections in Vernon, a small industrial town south of downtown Los Angeles.

South Pasadena police accuse private detectives working for Vernon of drawing their weapons, harassment and reckless driving as they followed people challenging the incumbents. The department called Vernon officials to complain about the investigators’ conduct and to tell them they are not welcome in the city, Sgt. Mike Neff said.

I was wondering who those crazy people were swerving around the other day when I was driving through South Pas …